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"A wonderful way to introduce young children to strong black women, and a little math!" 

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Erma Does the Math

What do you give a computer for her birthday? 


When Tameka visits her elderly aunt, birthday gift in hand, quirky Aunt Erma puts her to work. As she hangs an old photo Tameka discovers that the women in the picture are 1940’s-era human computers at Langley Jet Propulsion Lab and that her auntie was one of them! She has lots of questions, but Aunt Erma’s price for answers is one math problem each. Tameka keeps up, but the problems get more complex with each question. Remembering the gift, Tameka convinces her auntie to open it. The contents make them both laugh and realize that they’ve learned something about each other.


ERMA DOES THE MATH celebrates my great aunt Erma Tynes Walker who was a human computer.


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Erma Does the Math

Read by Ann Strawn

Happy Juneteenth! From Aunt Erma, Tameka and Me!

A special salute to the first manned flight of Blue Origin. Aunt Erma is most certainly smiling!

Christian Middle Grade Novels

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The Download


Em's got a new phone. Cool graphics, great apps, strange texts.


The unwitting recipient of a mysterious app, Em starts getting text messages from guardian angels. She wants to fit in and tries to keep her gift secret. But the texts keep getting more serious. When "Mom" and "cancer" come up in one text Em must decide if she can, or even wants, to control such powerful technology.


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The Update

Apps need updates. This one lets Em predict miracles.


Is this new app really just like the Angel App? If an algorithm can predict a miracle, then does anyone need angels?


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So What's New?

Back in 1968 my family moved to a suburb of Los Angeles called View Park along with a great many other affluent African Americans. At the same time Caucasians who lived there couldn't move out fast enough. We called it "White Flight".

"View Park", my work in progress, tells my family's story of movin' on up and fighting to stay there.